Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cooking and Baking and Blogging oh my!


so, for my wedding, I got a beautiful Empire Red Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer...and I am currently in love with using it!

KitchenAid 4.5 Qt. Stand Mixer - Empire Red, KSM450ER

It makes me very happy.

Anyhow, Aaron and I have been watching Master Chef (he's hooked! hooray!) And he's decided that he's going to begin bringing home "boxes" of stuff for me to create meals out of! Yay! I know that doesn't really always use my mixer...but, I figured I should have a place to document my adventures!

Also, I have a passion for baking, and would love to be challenged, so I have decided to join a couple different groups that will get me baking and cooking more often! Sounds fun right? I think so!

Anyway...here's to the adventures that cooking and baking that I will blog about!

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  1. I too am still in love with my 6-month old empire red kitchenaid mixer! It's my lil baby and I am always looking for opportunities to use it :)

    Good idea to join cooking/baking groups. It's a wonderful community. Cant wait to see your delights!